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Board of Pardons

Overseeing all of Delaware's Pardons, Reprieves, Commutations of Sentence, and Executive Clemency.

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Procedure for Filing a Pardon Application

A pardon is an act of executive grace that completely eliminates all consequences of a conviction. However, a pardon does not remove the record of conviction. A pardon removes any further punishment and restores civil rights. A pardon does not remove the historical fact of the conviction from the state’s official arrest and conviction records; […]

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How to Apply for an Expungement

If you have been convicted of a crime as an adult and have already served time for that crime, you must first apply for a pardon. If you have been granted a pardon or you have been acquitted, the charge was dismissed, or a nolle prosequi was entered, you must contact the State Bureau of […]

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Pardon Forms: Pardon Application Packet(Contains all of the Pardon forms listed below) A list of the individual forms contained in the pardon application packet: Affidavit of Mailing Application Cover Sheet Biological Information Checklist Criminal History Review Form Narrative Description of Offenses (Summary) Reasons for Seeking a Pardon Request a Hearing by Telephone due to Hardship […]

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